Our Services

Sutherland Management, Inc. is a full service Management Company offering the following services:

Collection of Assessments:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall work with the Board of Directors in collecting, on behalf of the Association, all assessments for Common Expenses, charges or other payments from Owners, including the annual and special maintenance fees and all other monies and debts which may become due to the Association. Should an Owner fail to pay an assessment or maintenance fee as provided in the Declaration, Sutherland Management, Inc., with prior approval from the Board of Directors, shall make the necessary arrangements to file liens on behalf of the Association against the delinquent Owner as required and provided for in the Declaration. On the Accounts where the Assessments are paid directly to the County, management works with the applicable County on behalf of the District in obtaining the yearly fees.

Covenant Enforcement:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall be responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations as set forth in the Declaration, articles of incorporation, and by-laws, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Sutherland Management, Inc. shall be responsible for notifying those Owners who are in violation and taking the necessary steps to enforce compliance. We utilize a computer tracking system in order to assist in the monitoring of violations.


The Management Company shall conduct inspections of the community to ensure the proper maintenance of the Association’s properties and the compliance with the rules and regulations as set forth in the Declaration.

Handle Bid Contractors:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall procure providers of all services necessary for the operation and the maintenance of the Association’s properties in a reasonable and professional manner, and shall supervise the performance of all services provided to, or on behalf of the Association.

Year End Statements:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall ensure that a financial report is rendered to the Association for each calendar year and that a copy of the annual financial report is sent to each member of the Association as required by the Board of Directors, Declaration and Florida law. Sutherland Management, Inc. shall ensure that competent, professional assistance is engaged, at the Association’s expense, as necessary, for the preparation of any tax returns, forms or other filings required by any local, state or federal agency, and Sutherland Management, Inc. will provide any assistance necessary for the completion of these filings and returns.

Coordinate Meetings:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall ensure that a representative of the company attends meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting and shall provide assistance to the Board of Directors in preparing notices, minutes and an agenda for all such meetings.

Prepare Budgets:

Annual budget services shall include the preparation of a recommended annual budget for review by the Board of Directors. Should a special assessment be required during the year, it shall be recommended and presented to the Board of Directors or the Association for adoption in compliance with the Declaration and Florida law.

Maintain Bank Accounts:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall ensure that the Association’s financial records, books, accounts and other official records are maintained as provided by the Declaration and Florida law, and that certificates of account are issued to members, their mortgagees and lienors upon request. Such records shall be kept at the office of Sutherland Management, Inc. and shall be available for inspection by Association members or their authorized representatives, by appointment only.


As part of Sutherland Management’s service, we prepare a quarterly newsletter for our Associations. We solicit articles from the Board of Directors, committee members as well as homeowners, and put together a professional Newsletter in order to enhance communication within the association. Sutherland Management, Inc. will also contribute articles of interest and/or concern. The only cost to our Associations for this newsletter is the actual printing costs and postage.


Each Manager, as well as the Administrative Staff, are setup “on-line” in order to facilitate electronic communications. Sutherland Management, Inc. strives to offer state of the art technology!

Gate Programming:

As part of our service, and if compatible with our software, your gate can be handled through our office electronically. We can monitor gate access, enter new homeowners on directories, input security gate codes, etc.


All phone calls are answered within a 24-hour time frame. We at Sutherland Management strive to communicate with our clients, vendors and Board of Directors in a timely and efficient manner. Each Manager will contact the President of the Association weekly, either by phone or email, to make certain all needs of the community are being addressed.

Architectural Review Assistance:

Sutherland Management, Inc. shall assist the Board of Directors and/or the Architectural Review Board with this process. Applications will be submitted to Sutherland Management, Inc. for tracking purposes. The Management Company will provide monthly reports and issue all letters on behalf of the Association.


We are pleased to offer in-house maintenance personnel. Our experience has shown that small maintenance items are difficult to get addressed in a timely manner (light bulbs changed, trash pick-up, minor repairs to recreational equipment, etc.). We have, on staff, two (2) highly experienced maintenance men who can handle just about any repair/maintenance issues, at a fraction of the cost of contractors.

The above offers a brief synopsis of what you can anticipate from Sutherland Management. We pride ourselves in offering prompt and personalized services. Each association is different so some of the services may not pertain to your Association, some may. We always attempt to cater our services to meet your Association’s individualized needs.

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